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  • Mr. Henry not only saved my license but my career.

    As a truck driver for a motorcycle racing team, I thought I was through when I received a DUI. I was told I would lose my license, and with a DUI on my record, I would have been fired for sure. Mr. Henry was able to win my DMV hearing and then have the DUI charge dismissed in Court. I cannot recommend him enough.

  • I’m now able to join the military because of Mr. Henry.

    I was involved in an accident and charged with DUI. When my first attorney refused to take my case to trial, Mr. Henry took over the case and demanded a deal from the District Attorney. When they refused our offer, we took the case to Jury Trial and Mr. Henry was able to get a Not Guilty on all counts. I’m now able to join the military because of Mr. Henry.

  • Kept My License and Me Out of Jail

    I just got a new job when I was arrested for DUI. As part of my job, I had to drive during the day. My B.A.C. was high and I was told by my friends I had no hope. Mr. Henry was able to win my DMV case and keep my license as well as keep me out of jail.

  • Saved my driving record.

    I was caught street racing with my friends, I thought it was no big deal then I went to court and the Judge wanted me to do 10 days of jail. I continued my arraignment and hired Mr. Henry to represent me. He was able to reduce my misdemeanor case down to an infraction and I was able to go to traffic school. Mr. Henry handled my matter without me having to ever go back to court and saved my driving record.

  • Highly Recommended

    Thank you Mr. Henry for your fight for justice for me at trial. I appreciate everything you have done for me.

  • I can’t thank Mr. Henry enough for what he was able to do for me.

    I was arrested for DUI when I went into a CHP station after drinking. Mr. Henry handled my case and refused to settle for the District Attorneys offer of a standard 1st time DUI. Finally, on the first day of trial, the District Attorney gave us an offer too good to turn down. A simple reckless driving with no alcohol involved. I can’t thank Mr. Henry enough for what he was able to do for me.


    I was on the way home from Las Vegas when I was stopped on the 15 for DUI, my second offense in 3 years. Mr. Henry represented me in Barstow Court and was able to get a NOT GUILTY on my case and saved my license and job with the company I work for.