Driving under the influence can take many forms. You might have just woken up from a deep, Ambien sleep, and you’re driving to work when a police officer pulls you over. A few too many drinks clouds your judgement when you decide to drive home at night. The police are involved in the community to keep everyone safe on the roads, but they aren’t immune from intoxication charges themselves. Consider some of the stories that have emerged in the news regarding DUI allegations and law-enforcement professionals.


All across Southern California, people from many different backgrounds are charged with intoxication every day. You might be surprised to hear that many of these people are highly regarded in most communities. Intoxication charges have been leveled against several people, including:

  • Priests
  • Law officers
  • Celebrities
  • Judges
  • Lawyers

These suspects may have made an innocent mistake, but they need to be held accountable for their actions. If you haven’t heard about these intoxication charges in the media, the suspects probably secured a criminal defense lawyer immediately after the incident. An attorney can help people work quickly through the charges while keeping the news as quiet as possible.

A talented legal professional is necessary after your charge because the intoxication allegations are entirely complex. There are testing tools involved that may not be correctly calibrated, or police officers who performed field-sobriety tests with poor observation skills. Every person faced with an intoxication charge deserves to have all of the facts placed before a judge in order to possibly exonerate themselves from any wrongdoing. Mistakes can happen, and you don’t want to be improperly charged under questionable circumstances.


A Pinellas County deputy, Michael Szeliga, was recently accused of breaching the law officer’s standard of conduct by being drunk during training sessions. The training classes were taking place in Fort Lauderdale, and this deputy needed to drive out to the location with two other colleagues. The training was actually for enhanced DUI routines on the job. Instead of joining other students in the class, the deputy and his colleagues decided to remain at the hotel.

During their time at the hotel, the law officers drank alcohol in excess. The alcohol was actually purchased before they traveled out to Fort Lauderdale in the first place. Deputy Szeliga decided to go downstairs in his boxer shorts as the drinking continued. A Pasco County law officer spotted the deputy acting erratically at that point.

Afterwards, Deputy Szeliga was caught by his supervisor as being off of the job and intoxicated. He was ordered to miss the remaining sessions and avoid an award dinner that was to include his own merits. In fact, Deputy Szeliga was meant to receive a MADD award for keeping hundreds of intoxicated people off of the roads. The irony in this example is extraordinary, and it shows that anyone can be caught for intoxication at some point in their lives.


Deputy Szeliga was ultimately suspended and eventually reinstated after working through his charges. He may have been charged with more serious crimes and removed from the squad without the help of a legal professional. The deputy’s lack of judgement during this time period may have been temporarily misguided. He isn’t necessarily a bad person who will continue to drink and cause issues on the road. For most lawyers, their clients may be first-time offenders or innocent people accused of something they haven’t done.

Hiring a legal professional gives you a chance to see the light after a charge. You don’t want to have any convictions on your record, and your lawyer intends on avoiding those situations at any cost. Your attorney will perform several functions, such as:

  • File appropriate paperwork
  • Represent you in court
  • Research case backgrounds

Legal professionals know the law, and they might find a route that you can take to reinstate your driver’s license and reputation.

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