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Have you been arrested for drunk driving? DUI is not merely a traffic offense, it is a crime, and you could be facing consequences including steep fines, time in jail, a lengthy probation, alcohol classes , expensive SR-22 insurance, and a driver's license suspension. A conviction would also give you a criminal record, which could follow you for years and ruin your opportunities for education or a career. When the stakes are so high, you simply cannot afford to take any chances with the outcome of the situation. Contact the Law Offices of Scott Henry as early as possible after your arrest, for a consultation with a DUI lawyer Riverside CA who has a perfect 10/10 score on attorney rating website Avvo and a 15-year track record of successfully defending people in your position.

The firm is dedicated 100% to DUI defense, and they know how to effectively challenge the charges against you. You will deal directly with the attorney, rather than being delegated to a paralegal or assistant. Fill out the free case evaluation to allow the team at the firm to begin work on your case immediately. They will stand by you throughout the court process, working diligently to achieve the best possible outcome.

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There are proven strategies for fighting any drunk-driving charge, no matter what type of evidence there may be. For example, if you were arrested after failing one of the standardized field sobriety tests, your attorney may be able to challenge the validity of the test results by demonstrating that the officer gave you poor instructions or that the conditions of the test were biased against you. Whether your arrest took place in Corona, Banning, Murrieta, Palm Springs, Temecula, San Bernardino or Barstow, an attorney from the firm is prepared to begin work on your defense as soon as you are ready. If you have already been convicted, the firm may be able to help you seal your criminal record by petitioning the court for an expungement. Call or visit the firm now to maximize your chances of a favorable result.

Contact a Riverside DUI attorney from the firm today for an initial consultation and to begin work on a strategy for your defense.

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