Blythe DUI AttorneyThe City of Blythe is located in the Palo Verde Valley. In the midst of an economic “boom” the city has enjoyed steady growth. The Colorado River provides picturesque views as well as water fun that is available year-round. The downtown area recently underwent a beautification process and is home to many restaurants.

The Blythe Police Department is responsible for public safety. Located at 240 N. Spring Street, the Police Department is home to over a dozen patrol officers. If you are arrested in Blythe for driving under the influence you will be required to appear in the Riverside Superior Court – Blythe. This court hears Civil, Evictions, Small Claims, Family Law, Criminal and Traffic cases. You must also contact the California Department of Motor Vehicles within 10 days of your arrest to place a stay on the automatic suspension of your license. Failure to contact the DMV will result in the automatic suspension of your driving privileges based solely off of your arrest.


Blythe Police Department
240 N. Spring St.
Blythe, CA 92225

(760) 922-6111


Riverside County Criminal Court
Blythe Courthouse
265 N. Broadway
Blythe, CA 92225

California Department of Motor Vehicles
San Bernardino Driver’s Safety Office
1845 Business Center Drive, Suite 212
San Bernardino, CA 92408

Ph: (909) 383-7413
Fx: (909) 383-7439


If you are a loved one is arrested for driving under the influence in Blythe you should not automatically enter a plea of guilty. There are defenses that arise in most drunk driving cases. A knowledgeable Blythe DUI lawyer will help you understand your rights and will fight hard to get you the results you deserve. Do not enter a plea simply because you are charged. You have the right to a trial. Hire a firm that is not afraid to take your case to trial. We will subpoena evidence in your case. We will interview witnesses and prepare a strong defense at both your court hearing and against the DMV to save your freedom and your license. Call our team of leading Blythe DUI attorneys now.