If you have been charged with DUI, the best time to retain a defense attorney is as soon as possible after your arrest due to the two separate legal proceedings you will likely be facing: a DUI in criminal court and a suspension or revocation of your license through the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), which will be imposed on you no matter what happens in criminal court. At The Law Offices of Scott Henry, a Fontana DUI attorney can represent you in both types of actions, (which are not connected to each other). Please contact our firm and schedule your free consultation at which time an attorney will evaluate the facts of your case and determine how our legal team may be able to help.

Our firm is thoroughly acquainted with all aspects of DUI defense, and has dedicated 100% of our efforts towards this type of legal representation. If retained as your legal counsel, we will give you the highest quality defense possible to protect your rights and help you obtain the positive outcome to your case that you deserve. The Law Offices of Scott Henry is ready to assist you in aggressively fighting your charges.


Our attorneys have successfully represented clients for 15 years who need help with their DUI charges, both actively assisting them in their Department of Motor Vehicle hearings as well as throughout the criminal court process. As they are separate actions, having the same legal representation for both is essential to a coordinated, efficient and effective defense. We are proficient at helping young people with underage DUI convictions, knowing that such consequences can affect them in multiple ways, such as applying for college or getting into their choice of careers. In all cases, we work diligently to get charges reduced to non-alcohol related offenses whenever possible, helping to circumvent DUI license suspensions. Whether you are facing a multiple DUI charged as a felony, or a simple first time DUI, we can challenge the prosecution’s weaknesses citing constitutional violations, police blunders in field sobriety tests, or flawed chemical breath & blood tests. In some cases, where expungement of a criminal record is desired, we can petition to have the convictions set aside, thereby helping our clients secure a new beginning to their lives.

To retain an aggressive, hard-hitting legal firm, contact a Fontana DUI lawyer today.


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