Conviction for DUI can be very devastating. Though California classifies DUI as a misdemeanor, Palm Springs courts are often harsh on offenders. If you’re convicted of DUI, you may face large fines, a suspension of your driving privileges, and even time in jail. Furthermore, putting aside the immediate consequences, DUI conviction can also haunt you long into the future. Because of these stiff consequences, if you’re charged with a DUI, then you need an experienced Palm Springs DUI Lawyer to help construct a solid defense strategy.

The Law Offices of Scott Henry is ready to fight for your rights. We’ll help lighten the stress of dealing with a DUI, as well as inform you of all your potential legal options. Through the years, we’ve helped many clients reduce or dismiss their charges.

Here are the Penalties for a DUI in Palm Springs

Conviction for a DUI can impact your criminal record, your time, and your wallet. With each offense of DUI, the penalties will only grow harsher. You could face the following penalties for a DUI in California:

First DUI Offense

If no one is killed or injured during your DUI offense, then the penalties you may face for a first-time DUI conviction includes:

  • Up to six months of time in jail;
  • A one year (or longer) driver’s license suspension;
  • Mandatory counseling for alcohol abuse;
  • An ignition interlock system installed in your car; and
  • Thousands of dollars in fees and fines.

Second DUI Offense

A second conviction for DUI can result in:

  • Up to one year of time in jail;
  • A one to 2 years (or longer) driver’s license suspension;
  • Two years of driving under a restricted driver’s license after your suspension;
  • Up to 30 months of mandatory participation in a alcohol abuse program;
  • An ignition interlock system installed in your car; and
  • Thousands of dollars in fees and fines.

Multiple DUI Offenses

Your third conviction for DUI is treated as a felony and carries even harsher penalties, which can include:

  • Up to four years revocation of your driver’s license;
  • Up to a 30 month mandatory participation in a alcohol treatment program;
  • Tens of thousands of dollars in fees and fines;
  • Total loss of your vehicle; and
  • Subjection to a strict probationary period that could land you back in jail if violated.

In addition to the number offenses you may have, penalties may also be harsher depending upon how intoxicated you were during the arrest. For instance, you may suffer harsher penalties for a first-time DUI offense if your blood-alcohol content was 0.15% or higher. Also, if you seriously injure or even kill another person during your DUI offense, then you will face harsher penalties.

What Does the DUI Process Look Like?

Was your DUI arrest your first foray in the California criminal justice system? If so, then here is what you should expect from your DUI charge:


After your subsequent arrest for DUI, law enforcement will book you back at the police station and make you take a chemical blood-alcohol test. In addition, you will need to hand over your driver’s license and replace it with a temporary 30-day license.

Ask to Speak to Your Lawyer

Before you give any statements to the police, ask to speak to your lawyer. An effective DUI lawyer can help prevent you from giving statements that are otherwise damaging to your case. Though you can speak to a public defender, you need an experienced Palm Springs DUI Lawyer that can devote their entire time to your case.

Your lawyer will also guide you through the entire DUI process, which looks like this:

DMV Administrative Hearing

Within ten days of your arrest, you will need to request an administrative hearing to fight the DMV’s suspension of your driver’s license. Your lawyer will help you make that timely request, as well as help you through the process.


With your lawyer by your side at your first criminal hearing, you will go before the judge and prosecutor to plead either guilty or not guilty.


Your lawyer will negotiate with the prosecution in an attempt to resolve your case before the trial begins. If your lawyer can obtain an acceptable plea bargain, and you agree to it, then you will not need to go to trial.


If you cannot obtain an acceptable plea bargain, then you will go to trial. Your Palm Springs DUI Lawyer will use their knowledge in an attempt to convince the judge or jury that there is not enough evidence to convict you.


If you received an acceptable plea bargain, or if you are convicted of DUI, then you will need to attend a sentencing hearing. During your hearing, your lawyer will work tirelessly to reduce the penalties you may face.

How Can I Regain My Driving Privileges?

Any arrest for DUI, whether you are convicted or not, will result in the suspension of your driver’s license for a period of time. Again, you only have ten days after your arrest to request a DMV hearing. If you fail to meet that deadline, then the DMV will revoke your license. Your DUI lawyer will help you meet the deadline and file your administrative appeal.

Contact a Knowledgeable Palm Springs DUI Lawyer Now

Facing charges for DUI is very stressful and scary. But, do not lose hope. Our Palm Springs DUI Lawyer at The Law Offices of Scott Henry understands the stakes for DUI conviction. We will fight tooth and nail to help reduce or dismiss your charges. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.


You can dramatically improve your chances of avoiding a conviction by contacting the firm for a consultation today. No matter what type of evidence there may be against you, it is nearly always possible to secure a better result by fighting the charges, rather than accepting the first offer from the District Attorney. For example, if your arrest was based on the fact that you failed a field sobriety test, an attorney from our firm may be able to have the charges dismissed by demonstrating that the police officer made mistakes in administering the test or that the conditions of the test were biased against you. There is simply too much at stake for you to risk the possibility of being convicted, and you must take action to defend yourself.

When your future is threatened by criminal charges of driving under the influence, contact a Palm Springs DUI attorney for aggressive defense of your rights.


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