The Law Offices of Scott Henry is dedicated to outstanding DUI defense, with a legal team that stays abreast of developments that can affect your case and your driver’s license. They know the multitude of suppression issues in a DUI case and have used them to successfully defend hundreds of DUI cases in our state. If you are looking for an experienced, professional Rancho Cucamonga DUI lawyer, do not hesitate; contact our firm today! Mr. Wallin, our lead attorney, is available to his clients 24/7 and prides himself on the personal attention he gives to everyone who retains the firm. His experience and credentials are impressive, including his past position as a Riverside County public defender, where he assisted hundreds of DUI clients. He is additionally rated SUPERB on AVVO, having attained a10 out of 10 score and is affiliated with these legal organizations: National College of DUI Defense, California DUI Lawyers Association and National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. At this difficult time when you need the most from your legal representation, shouldn’t you contact the best?


Due to our extensive legal experience, our attorneys will be able to explain the court process to you so that you may feel more confident as you face your upcoming DUI case. We focus 100% on DUI defense, which sets us apart and above many other law firms. We offer the highest of personalized, professional services, whether our clients are charged with an underage DUI, a first time DUImultiple DUI offenses or any other type of DUI-related charges. We pledge a broad protection of client rights and a tireless effort to obtain dismissals or reduced charges as appropriate. If negotiations fail, however, we are able to turn law enforcement’s mistakes in field sobriety tests and chemical breath & blood tests to our clients’ advantage.

Our firm is proud of its record in getting felony DUIs cut to misdemeanors or non-alcohol offenses, or even dismissed entirely, which is immensely helpful to clients who are facing the harsh penalties of a felony offense. We strongly recommend that individuals arrested for a DUI immediately contact an attorney to request a hearing on their license suspension, as there is only a 10-day window of opportunity before the DMV will suspend a driver’s license, without exception. After a DUI conviction, our attorneys will gladly help individuals petition the court for expungement of their record, thereby assisting them in securing a more positive future.

For an AVVO rated SUPERB law firm that will not hesitate to fight for you, contact a Rancho Cucamonga DUI attorney immediately.


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