At The Law Offices of Scott Henry, the legal team understands that people can make mistakes which can result with a traffic stop that ends in a DUI arrest. They also understand however, that drivers are not the only ones who make mistakes. Police officers sometimes err and arrest innocent people on DUI charges. Our lawyers are 100% dedicated to the defense of individuals who may have been unjustly arrested for drunk driving. Please contact a Redlands DUI attorney now if you have been charged with driving while intoxicated. Let us evaluate the facts of your case and recommend your best course of action.

By retaining our firm, you will have the benefit of all of the experience and skill that our legal team has to offer, including our vast knowledge of DUI and DMV laws and our lead attorney’s background as a Riverside Public Defender. In addition, our firm is fortunate that Mr. Wallin belongs to a number of prestigious organizations, including National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, California DUI Lawyers Association and National College of DUI Defense, bringing a high level of DUI expertise to his cases. .


With a legal team whose DUI experience spans 15 years, our firm is very well acquainted with the strategies that prosecutors employ to win their cases. We are skilled at exposing their flaws, whether in a simple misdemeanor first time DUI, or a complicated felony DUI case with injury, turning that knowledge to our clients’ advantage. We take apart field sobriety tests and chemical breath & blood tests, looking for problem areas and when found, aggressively use them, convincing prosecutors with weak cases to dismiss charges or reduce them to something less damaging. We recommend immediately contacting an attorney after any DUI arrest, even an underage DUI, and certainly for a multiple DUI offense, as having an experienced attorney on your side will enhance your chances of avoiding a DUI license suspension and help you to more easily navigate the criminal court process. If you have already been convicted of a DUI and are interested in possible expungement of your criminal record, our firm has a proven track record of success and will gladly assist you in this area as well.

To schedule your free consultation with a law firm you can depend on, contact a Redlands DUI lawyer today.


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