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San Bernardino police badgeHave you been arrested for drunk driving in San Bernardino?

When you have been charged with driving under the influence, it is vital that you retain aggressive legal representation to defend your rights and fight to help you avoid a conviction. Unless you act now, you could receive a sentence including time in jail, a driver's license suspension, years of strict probation, steep fines, alcohol classes and expensive SR-22 insurance. You would also end up with a criminal record, which can restrict your opportunities for education, housing and employment. As early as possible after your arrest, come to The Law Offices of Scott Henry for a confidential consultation with a DUI attorney.

The firm is dedicated 100% to fighting drunk-driving charges, and Mr. Wallin has spent more than 15 years representing clients in our area. His excellent track record of success has earned him a perfect 10/10 score on attorney rating website Avvo, and he is well-respected by prosecutors and judges in the local courts. When you come to the firm for help, you will be working directly with the attorney, who will answer all your questions and guide you throughout the court process.

If you failed a field sobriety test or a chemical test of your breath or blood, you may be skeptical about your chances of avoiding a conviction. Even in the face of what appears to be proof of your guilt, it may be possible to exonerate you or to secure a reduction or dismissal of the charges by challenging the validity of the evidence. Your attorney will place the burden of proof on the prosecutor, such as by demonstrating that the police officer made errors in the investigation, or by raising questions about whether there was even probable cause to pull you over in the first place.

San Bernardino DUI Defense

The most effective action you can take to improve your chances of a favorable outcome is to fill out the free case evaluation form now, to allow an attorney from the firm to begin developing a strategy for your defense. The firm has the experience and skill to take on any DUI charges, no matter how challenging, and can also represent you in a petition for expungement of your criminal record if you have been convicted. The team at the firm cares about helping you find a way through this situation, and is ready to begin work on your case today.

Contact a San Bernardino DUI lawyer from the firm today for a confidential consultation and to learn more about your options for fighting the case.

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