Have you been arrested for drinking and driving in Temecula? You have reason to be concerned about your future. District Attorneys in our area do not want to be perceived as going easy on drunk drivers, and you will most likely be targeted with vigorous prosecution. You can level the playing field by contacting The Law Offices of Scott Henry for help from a DUI attorney with a 15-year track record of successfully defending clients against the charges you face. Our firm has earned the respect of prosecutors and judges in our area, as well as the appreciation of its clients with a perfect 10/10 score on attorney rating website Avvo. Let our experience and commitment to results work for you at this difficult time.

When you find yourself in such a stressful and frightening position, you deserve support, and the knowledgeable staff at our firm will work diligently to help you. Your case will be represented directly by Mr. Wallin, who will fight aggressively for you throughout the court process. Every member of our team understands what an enormous impact the outcome of this situation may have on your future, and will do everything we can to achieve the best possible result.

You can begin the process of your defense now by filling out the free case evaluation, which will allow an attorney from our firm to get started on a strategy for fighting for the charges immediately. It is possible to challenge even the most serious DUI charges, even when the suspect has failed a chemical test or a field sobriety test. Our firm focuses 100% on DUI defense, and whether you have been arrested on first-time drunk-driving charges or need to petition for an expungement to clear your criminal record, we are ready to help you today.


The courts in our area take the crime of drinking and driving seriously, and if you are convicted you may receive a harsh penalty. A first-time DUI is punishable by a driver’s license suspension, 3 to 5 years on probation, up to 6 months in county jail, steep fines, alcohol classes, and mandatory SR-22 insurance. The effects of your conviction would continue to follow you for years into the future, as you would have a criminal record which could potentially interfere with your opportunities for housing, education and employment. You have too much at stake to take any risks-call or visit our firm today for help

Contact a Temecula DUI lawyer at our firm now to discuss the charges you face and to begin work on a strategy for your defense.


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