Los Angeles County DUI Checkpoints

Posted By Thomas Wallin || May 25, 2012

Our California DUI Attorneys want you to be as informed as possible regarding previous and upcoming DUI Sobriety Checkpoints. Although most are announced prior to their commencement, it is not uncommon for the arresting officers to wait until the last minute to post the time and date of the checkpoint.

If you are arrested for driving under the influence during a DUI checkpoint, contact our California DUI Lawyers as soon as possible!

Los Angeles County - May 18-20, 2012

Officers will be contacting drivers passing through the checkpoint for signs of alcohol and/or drug impairment. Officers will also check for proper licensing and will strive to delay motorists only momentarily. Drivers caught driving impaired can expect jail, license suspension, and insurance increases, as well as fines, fees, DUI classes, other expenses that can exceed $10,000.

Friday, May 18

Los Angeles: 8pm-2am - Manchester Ave. between Hoover St. & Figueroa St.

Pasadena: 7pm-3am - undisclosed location

Pomona: 9pm-3am - undisclosed location

Saturday, May 19

North Hollywood: 8pm-2am - between Sepulveda Blvd. & Orion Ave.

Sunday, May 20

Los Angeles: 12pm-8pm - Hollenbeck area