At The Law Offices of Scott Henry we are often retained to recall bench warrants that have been issued for a client’s arrest. Bench warrants can be issued for a number of reasons such as failure to pay a fine, not showing up in court for a mandatory court date, failure to enroll into an alcohol class or even failure to complete a work release program. At the Law Offices of Thomas Wallin, we are experianced with recalling bench warrants across southern California. Often, in Riverside County a bench warrant for someone’s arrest can be recalled without the person being present. The same goes for San Bernardino County and often Orange County as well. If you or a loved one has a bench warrant out for your arrest please contact our office ASAP so we can create a plan of action to fix the problem right away. As one of the top bench warrant attorney’s your warrant can be recalled in usually just a day or two. Having one of the best bench warrant law firms at your side can make all the difference between going to jail and going home!