Challenging Breath & Blood Test Results

Get the Help of a DUI Attorney in Riverside

In California, individuals over the age of 21 can be arrested for DUI if their blood alcohol content (BAC) is higher than the legal limit, .08%. After submitting to field sobriety tests, the individual may be asked to submit to a chemical breath or blood test. If you refused such tests or your BAC was over the limit, you need a DUI attorney in Riverside immediately. At the Law Offices of Scott Henry, they have 15 years of experience and understand what you are going through. Their lead attorney, Mr. Henry, is a former Riverside County Public Defender and has represented hundreds of individuals accused of DUI offenses, with impressive results. The firm's legal team is proud of the personal service they provide to their clients, with 24/7 accessibility and are likewise proud of their extensive knowledge of DUI laws and courtroom process. If hired in your DUI defense, they will vigorously ensure that your rights are protected.

DUI Attorney: Fighting Your Blood and Breath Tests in Riverside

DUI breath machineThe laws in our state require that individuals submit to chemical testing following an arrest for DUI; however, you are not required to submit to field sobriety tests prior to your arrest. Both failing and refusing breath & blood tests are grounds to suspend a person's license, although refusal entails a more lengthy suspension. If you have refused a breath or blood test, it is imperative that you contact the firm immediately so that they can formally request a hearing to save your driving privileges. If you have submitted to a chemical test and failed, do not despair! Errors occur in blood testing, and the attorneys at the Law Offices of Scott Henry will seek to dispute the test results and have the charges against you dismissed or reduced.

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