Any time you are arrested for driving under the influence in Southern California you can face jail time if convicted of the charge. The length of jail depends on the circumstances of your case. It is crucial to always work with an experienced DUI attorney in Riverside that is local to the area where you were arrested. Understanding your rights and the potential consequences of a conviction is key to getting the best possible results in your case. The Law Offices of Scott Henry are dedicated to DUI defense. Our clients and their satisfaction is our top priority. We fight hard to protect your rights and get you the resolution that you deserve. In many cases, we can work out deals that will keep you out of jail even if this is your 2nd or 3rd DUI offense.


Contacting a leading DUI Defense Lawyer prior to ever stepping foot in court can make a huge difference in your case. We can often help to soften the potential penalties in a case by having you enroll in a DUI program, attend AA meetings or begin alcohol monitoring through a SCRAM Bracelet. A SCRAM device or Secure, Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring Bracelet is work on the ankle and monitors and alcohol that is consumed. It shows the court and prosecutor that you are dedicated to remaining sober and eliminates the possibility of a repeat offense. Riverside SCRAM Providers can also provide GPS monitoring that tracks the location of a particular defendant. All of this can be done pre-conviction to provide assurance to the court, prosecutor and public. In the end, it may help to mitigate any jail time.


RIVERSIDE DUI ALTERNATIVE SENTENCINGAs with Riverside County, the SCRAM or SCRAMx Bracelet may be helpful in preventing jail time in serious driving under the influence cases in Orange County. Pre-conviction monitoring can provide peace of mind to all parties that you understand the grave nature of the charges that you are facing. Through negotiations, you may also be eligible to wear the SCRAM bracelet post conviction in lieu of potential jail time. The bracelet is small and fits under most pant legs to provide discreet coverage. It is absolutely imperative that you consult with a skilled Orange County DUI Attorney who knows the law, the prosecutors and the judges. It could be the difference between your freedom and significant jail time. Find out more about Orange County SCRAM.


Alcohol monitoring through a SCRAM bracelet works by testing the secretions of the individual as they leave the body through sweat. The transdermal technology works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide proof that a person is completely sober abstaining from alcohol. The device is tamperproof and runs through a landline or Ethernet cable. Following an arrest for a San Bernardino DUI you need to act fast to preserve your rights. In certain cases, pre-conviction or even pre-filing alcohol monitoring may present your best option for keeping you out of jail. It may help with bail reduction as well. Judges are more inclined to reduce bail or even release you on your own recognizance when they have proof of your sobriety.


From high fines to potential jail time, you cannot afford to go with a fly-by-night lawyer that does not understand the intricate science behind DUI Defense. You need an attorney that will fight hard to protect your rights and get you the results you deserve. The Law Offices of Scott Henry understand the seriousness of the charges that you are facing and will not rest until you get the best possible results for your case. Our staff is dedicated to defending drunk driving cases throughout Southern California. We are an experienced, professional team that goes to trial and wins. Let us help you today. Call for a free initial consultation at (800) 900-0951.