Facing felony DUI charges as a result of a traffic stop can be much worse than a simple DUI. If you are in this situation and are unsure what to do next, rest assured, you do not have to navigate through the legal system on your own. Contact a knowledgeable Riverside DUI lawyer at The Law Offices of Scott Henry and trust that you will have your questions answered and your rights protected.

Our attorneys are proud of our 15 years of experience in DUI law and in fact, we are dedicated and focused exclusively on DUI defense. Mr. Henry, our lead attorney, is an outgoing, personable lawyer who is a former Riverside County Public Defender and is well-respected by judges, district attorneys, police officers, expert witnesses and other defense attorneys. Our attorneys work hard to secure the best possible outcome for their clients and welcome your contact to schedule your complimentary initial consultation.


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I was involved in an accident and charged with DUI. When my first attorney refused to take my case to trial, Mr. Henry took over the case and demanded a deal from the District Attorney. When they refused our offer, we took the case to Jury Trial and Mr. Henry was able to get a Not Guilty on all counts. I’m now able to join the military because of Mr. Henry.
C.L. – Riverside


Our state’s laws against drunk driving are complicated and harsh penalties are imposed on those who are convicted of DUI. Although most DUI arrests are misdemeanors with penalties that range from fines, probation or jail time, a fourth offense DUI can be charged as a felony with significant incarceration in the state prison system and permanent loss of one’s license. Any penalty, whether a misdemeanor or felony can be increased, however, if conditions or aggravating circumstances such as the following are present:

  • Child in the vehicle under 14 years old
  • Speeding
  • Driving on a suspended or restricted license
  • Accidents
  • High blood alcohol content (over .20%)

The stakes are high and your future is at risk. With such serious consequences looming ahead of you, there is no time to lose. Our firm has close to two decades of DUI experience and memberships in National College of DUI Defense, California DUI Association, and National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and has the skills necessary to aggressively and vigilantly protect your rights, your career and your future.

For the dedicated legal representation you need, contact a Riverside felony DUI attorney at The Law Offices of Scott Henry.