14601.2 San Bernardino Case

Charge Dismissed

License suspended because of DUI, driving on suspended license charge dismissed, no jail, entered plea to 12500 infraction, no points on driving record.

1st offense .16/.16 breath

DUI dismissed

Entered plea to wet reckless, DMV hearing set aside – client did not suffer any license suspension.

1st offense out of Redlands

DUI Dismissed

.125% pas, .12/.12 Breath, ran stop sign – DUI Dismissed – entered plea to wet reckless. No additional fine, no requirement of community service, work release or jail time.

2 nd DUI accident with a BAC of .22 and a violation of probation

DUI Dismissed

Client entered plea to exhibition of speed with only a $500 fine

2nd offense out of San Bernardino

Reduced to 1st Offense

Stopped for weaving – prior out of Napa from 2011, .203/.203 pas, .23 blood, entered plea to 1 st offense with normal DUI terms. No work release, no jail time, no community service.

2nd offense Rancho Cucamonga DUI

Rancho Cucamonga case with collision, .20 blood – entered plea to 1st offense with no jail time, no work release and no community service.

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